In this blog post originally written by Jill Miller for the Flexsteel website on May 1, 2019, we learn how to refresh the look of our home.

Punxsutawney Phil may have predicted an early spring this year, but for the most of us it’s been a long time coming. We’re in full bloom with spring and summer is just around the corner. If you haven’t given your home a refresh to celebrate the changing of the seasons, Flexsteel has some recommendations. We’ve talked with our in-house designers to get the scoop on some of the latest trends and best ideas to invigorate your interior space. Below are their top four recommendations.

Rearrange the furniture

We all admire friends who are in a constant state of moving their furniture around. Spring and summertime are the perfect times to follow their lead. So go ahead, rearrange that furniture! Be bold. Be creative. Be that friend who amazes you. This easy guide from Better Homes & Gardens will get you started on a few ways to look differently at placing your furniture in a room.

Another option is to just take a ride to your favorite Flexsteel furniture store and scout the show room floor for ideas that you can recreate at home. Pay attention to how pieces are used in a group to create the mood that you want to apply to your space. Flexsteel’s designer, Zena, finds furniture layout and design trending toward creating more serenity in the home. “As much as we are plugged in on a daily basis at work and school, I’m seeing more and more that people want to create a haven where they can relax and unplug.”

Add something new into the mix

If you want to switch out a sofa or side chair, our designers have a couple of recommendations based on their current favorite Flexsteel lines. Zena favors the Move collection, “I just love how they don’t look like motion furniture.” Flexsteel’s MOD collection is another option to consider. It’s modern, modular and part of our reclining line. The Astra group in the MOD collection is quickly becoming a popular choice.

Designer Will is a Digby fan. Especially for smaller spaces. “Even before I started working with Flexsteel, I was pricing out the Digby sofa for my apartment in Seattle,” Will says. “The pieces in this collection have such great lines and proportions for smaller places.”

Already own Flexsteel furniture? Then you know it’s built to last, so there is no need to change out your favorite sofa or chair. Instead, bring new to life to your room by adding a new coffee table, side table, bookshelf, or rug. Natural materials and visual texture are big in 2019 and Zena agrees, “I think organic, natural materials, and soft lighting create warmth in a room.” Bringing warmth to a room is what you want to accomplish for the spring and summer seasons.

Another way to bring a more natural and organic feel to your room is to add furniture pieces that carry a touch of metal, stone, or wood with finishes that add depth and warmth. Flexsteel’s Vapor and Maya coffee and side tables are just a couple of options to consider.

Add Pops of color

Most people think of painting walls to add color to a room. That’s a lot of work! There’s an easier way to add color, but first you must decide the mood you want to create.

Zena reminds us, “Every color has a vibe that creates different types of energy. Quiet spaces tend to be monochromatic or softer colors; high energy spaces will have multiple colors and usually bold in nature.” She uses color to create a mood, direction, and aesthetic in a space. “Vibe dictates color,” is her design mantra.

In 2019 the Pantone color of the year is Living Coral. It’s a color you’ll want to incorporate for a spring and summer refresh. Interestingly, it complements Zena’s favorite California desert trend. Some might think of Living Coral as more pastel, but Pantone has created color palettes to show you how to incorporate the color into both cool and vibrant settings.


That makes Will very happy. “I love vibrant colors! I add color to my spaces with accessories like a great print, rug, pottery, or a tasteful floral arrangement. Adding a floral arrangement or a potted plant to a room can really warm it up.”  As you would expect, Will’s position on current trends in color is, “Don’t be scared to go for it!”

The bottom line on color from both of Flexsteel’s designers is to follow your gut and select what feels good to you. If you fall in love with something, you can always make it work. Keep the natural, organic trend in mind as you add color with throws and pillows. Cotton, crisp silk and linen are always good fabric options.

Bring the outdoors in

Health benefits of plants aside, there are more reasons to bring nature indoors. With a wide range of sizes, colors, and textures, plants are usually the first accessory most people add to signify a change in the seasons. For Zena, spring is all about fresh new growth and warming of the season. She likes to bring in freshly cut flowers and use fruits to decorate. Will likes to cut a budding tree branch with flowers and add it to a simple vase with water. It warms up the space and adds color and height.

There are so many ways to decorate with plants. From standing pots to window sill groupings to hanging baskets and wall hangers that make plants look like a piece of artwork, how you bring plants into your room design is only limited by your imagination.

Get inspiration by surfing the internet. Pinterest is a good start for ideas on how to bring nature into your environment. A Google search might bring up even more alternatives to consider. Remember to keep your pets in mind when choosing plants as some may be poisonous to your furry friends.

It doesn’t take all four of the steps above to transition your home environment from winter to “oh wow! It’s finally warmer weather!” Use as many as you can to achieve the vibe you want to create. Whether it’s new furniture, a new layout, more color, or a splash of nature, you’ll have your home ready for the seasons ahead.

For more information on furniture options and the many ways to arrange a room, visit your local Flexsteel retailer and talk with their designers. They’ll help you to bring your spring and summer vision to life!