Is this what you think of when you think of aluminum window blinds? It seems everyone of a “certain age” is familiar with this type of blind. Back in the day, they were an inexpensive way to cover your windows and easily open and close to let light in or give you privacy. But, they were also easy to damage and the cords were visible everywhere.

Aluminum blinds have come a long way, though, in the past few years. You can still buy basic metal blinds, but new and upgraded versions are making them more fashionable than ever – and they’re still cost-effective if you are on a budget.

These window coverings are available in different vane sizes from 1/2″ up to 2″. While the mini-blind size (1/2″) was popular a few years ago, most people these days like the larger vane size. Larger vane sizes equal a better view through the open blinds because the bigger size creates a larger space when they are tilted open. One company even has a new innovation that doubles the view-through size by nesting every other vane together when tilted open!

Another benefit to aluminum blinds is the wide array of colors you can find. From basic white to metallic gold, silver or bronze, you can find blinds to fit any room in your home. Some upgraded options include adding decorative tapes to the vanes to make them more fashionable, all while staying affordable.

Finally, aluminum blinds are very durable and are resistant to moisture, which makes them a good choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Some manufacturers make their slats from up to 95% recycled metal, which is a great use of resources! And, you can elevate your blinds with cordless lifting options which are safer for children and pets, as well as giving you a cleaner more simple look at the window.

As with everything else though, aluminum blinds do have some drawbacks. Because they are metal, they can be noisy at the window and they do tend to collect dust over time. But, as this economical window covering evolves over time, the benefits tend to outweigh the negatives.

When shopping for your next window coverings, make sure to take a look at the new, improved AND fashionable aluminum blinds.